The Campaign for
Haven Homes’
New Home

Haven Homes has been a welcoming place to call home for decades in Maple Plain,
providing high quality living and health care.

However, the building is older and lacks both the necessary space and services for the growing number of older adults who will need housing, health care, spiritual care, social services and recreational programming.

We are building the solution now.

And you, friend, are a part of it. With your help, we can provide our seniors a beautiful new home filled with light, love and laughter.

Haven Homes aerial render

The new Haven Homes will be the gateway to our city, and it will give our elders the quality and state-of-the-art continuum of care they deserve.

  • Located at 1425 Baker Park Road, Maple Plain, MN
  • Space for a full continuum of living and health care services
  • Easy access to downtown and amenities, giving our residents the freedom to participate in community life

Haven Homes will serve residents, patients and our community:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Skilled Nursing Long-term Care
  • Short-term Transitional Rehabilitation
  • Adult Day Center

If you ask Tom if he considers Haven Homes “home,” he’ll chuckle and tell you how great the food is. He’ll pause there, making you wonder if that’s all. But be patient and listen, he’ll go on to tell you about the wonderful staff and residents, and how often he gets to see his daughters and grandkids. And then he’ll say, “Yes, yes, I consider this home.”

Haven Homes new building will be a state-of-the-art senior living and health community with a cost of $27,000,000.
However, there is a funding gap of $530,000.

Will you support us to close this gap?

Your help is needed for two spaces that are extremely important to help our residents live a full life:

Haven Homes Chapel

Haven Homes Chapel

Faith and access to worship are important to our residents and many are not able to get out to attend a church. Spiritual connection is one pillar of a healthy and fulfilling life.

  • Capacity for 80 people
  • Accessible to all and feature new assistive technology
  • Live stream capability will broadcast in resident rooms
  • Open to the public for weddings, parties and meetings

Due to restrictions in funding sources, the Haven Homes Chapel needs to be funded 100% through charitable gifts in order to display any religious symbols including a cross.

To make this possible, we need to raise $340,000.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Fresh air, exercise and connection to nature are a priority for peace and well-being for each person, in every level of care.

  • Memory care and skilled nursing care center gardens are enclosed and circular paths lead walkers back toward home.
  • Independent and assisted living gardens are directly off the dining patio, which features a fireplace and pergola.
  • Independent/assisted living and transitional care gardens feature walking paths that connect to Baker Park Reserve.

These outdoor spaces will give every resident the access to nature they need to thrive.

To make this possible, we need to raise $190,000.

The total cost for the Chapel and Outdoor Spaces is $530,000.
We have reached two-thirds of this goal through generous support.

Please contact me to help us close the gap:

Therese Cain    952-855-5189    612-799-4107

It's a new house, but the same love.